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You’ve already started your journey by visiting our website and we’re here to help you with your next step. Are you aiming to be your best you? Maybe you’re looking to get fitter for a sport you play? Is that suit or dress at the back of the wardrobe calling your name and begging you to fit into it? Or maybe you’re just bored and need that extra boost for your gym sessions? We’ve got trainers that can support you no matter what your goal is.

So how does it work?

We’ll start by having a chat with you about who you are and what will work for you, covering everything from sessions in the gym, where your head’s at with it and what your diet looks like. We’ll then be there with you each step of the way, supporting you and helping you to stick with it. 

We won’t give up on you, so you won’t give up on yourself.

What does it look like?

  • 60 minute sessions from one a week to however many you feel you need

  • Gym based sessions in Stratford Leisure Centre and you don’t need to be a member*

  • Personal goal setting and physical assessment

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Access to personalised training programmes via our client portal

  • We’re here to support you whenever you need it

  • Want to train with a friend or two? Check out our group training page.

Let’s get down to business…what will it cost?

For individuals, we range from £27.50 - £37.50* per session, and our free personal training consultation will give you all the information you need to know.

*There is an additional charge of £7.50 if you are not a member of Stratford Leisure Centre. This must be paid at reception before the session begins and will be factored into the session costs.


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