Malcolm Holwill (director)

  • Personal Trainer

  • Sports Massage

  • Available in Stratford upon Avon

Exercising should be focused, yet fun, and each client should leave with a smile on their face whilst feeling energised, strong and positive. By taking a very methodical approach to designing your training around your individual goals, I look at building from the ground up.

We will challenge lifestyle routines, correct posture or muscle imbalances and learn new up-to-date training techniques. You will understand how it all comes together so that you progress towards your goals and achieve a sense of wellbeing in everyday life.


Charlie Bryce

  • Personal Trainer

  • Gymnastics Coach

  • available in edinburgh

My background has predominantly been in gymnastics where I competed at a very young age in Scottish and British championships. I naturally progressed into a gymnastics coaching role and personal training, as I enjoy passing on the knowledge and skills to live a healthier life.

I understand that “getting fit” means something different to everyone, but whatever your goals, I believe the journey should be fun and enjoyable and encouraging clients to make long-term lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. If you want help from a passionate and friendly personal trainer, I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


Gordon Allan

  • Personal Trainer

  • sports coach

  • les mills RPM and Grit instructor

  • available in edinburgh

Having been very active playing both cricket and hockey during my teenage years, I turned to coaching having left university. This led me to performance coaching roles for Cricket Scotland at both regional and national level, and I have been heavily involved in women’s cricket since 2009.

I’ve been a personal trainer for over five years, and I make my sessions as diverse and challenging as possible for all my clients. I’ll push you hard during our sessions, but I’ll always make sure it is done with a smile on our faces. Our focus will not only be on what happens in the gym, but on other factors that create the environment you live in every day.